Corporate Philosophy

We see ourselves as professional service providers in the areas of language training, translation and interpreting. We are committed to high quality language teaching, linguistically and stylistically impeccable translations considering the customary terminology and interpretation in consideration of intercultural differences and diplomatic skills that require individual solutions.


The emphasis of the lessons is on the mediation of speaking skills. Encouragement and stretching is the motto. Before the course starts, an individual concept is created to maintain high motivation throughout the course, in order to bring the participants to their goal as soon as possible. This concept will always be applied flexibly according to learning speed and motivation of the student.

From the first contact to the end of our services, whether language courses, translation or interpreting, we strive to accompany the customers with our expertise and years of experience. We assess our performance on a daily basis.


Our customers come first

We start every day with a positive attitude and meet all of our customers in every situation with kindness, helpfulness and respect and advise our clients honestly, competently and reliably. Customer satisfaction is our most important asset.



We place great importance on openness, honesty and integrity, in compliance with the law. Our working style is characterized by teamwork within a flat hierarchy, which is why mutual trust is essential.


Languages are our passion!