Language Training

Your objectives define our standards

In a preliminary consultation, we develop your individual training programme in cooperation with you – a programme fine-tuned to match your knowledge and requirements (including time schedules, e.g. Saturdays or at 07:30 in the morning, or later in the day), in order to help you to achieve your goal: the ability to deal confidently in the language of your choice.
Based on the learning objectives you have set out, and on the results of our assessment of the course participants, we put together a closely-targeted time and materials plan tailored to meet your needs. Authentic material from your immediate work environment can easily be integrated into this training programme, to ensure that the courses are properly connected to your everyday business life.
If participants wish, we can tackle current themes from everyday working life. Teaching topics might thus include, for example, how to draft e-mails, tuition in typical spoken expressions for use when holding telephone conversations in the language in question, new company presentations, negotiation or technology.
Training in small, homogeneous groups allows us to engage closely with each separate participant and to pay attention to his or her individual needs, all within the framework of the stated objectives of the course.

Language – the key to human understanding

The main emphasis of our training is to ensure the training of your speaking ability.
As soon as the participant’s level of understanding permits it, practical exercises involving role-play and situation training are introduced to help you deal with the language in question and its structures, thus helping you develop confidence and security in using the language. In this way the typical inhibitions in speaking a foreign language are given no chance to develop; however, should they already be there, they are swiftly remedied.
In addition, the framework of our practical training also incorporates practice in colloquialisms and common turns of phrase in the relevant language. These too are vital in developing the ability to present oneself with confidence in business.
By means of reading, systematic evaluation of the material with the assistance of the appropriate qualified lecturers, and then a closing discussion, topical texts covering the agreed themes and areas are used for systematically broadening and building up your vocabulary.
Here too, the choice of texts can of course be “Taylored” to reflect the particular wishes of the participants.

As little grammar as possible – as much grammar as necessary

This goes for all our courses where the emphasis is on preparing you to speak the language in question.
While it is of course true that acquiring a grasp of the basic grammatical structures of the language in question is not merely important but indeed indispensable for beginners, learning grammar should, as one’s familiarity with the language grows, recede more and more into the background. Eventually it will come to function as a form of support for the user to fall back upon as needed, or to help him or her avoid mistakes or misunderstandings. Our aim is that participants in our courses should emerge capable of expressing themselves in the relevant language, and of dealing effectively with important everyday and business situations without having to fall back on using their mother tongue.

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Number 1 measures for the activation and vocational integration in accordance with § 45 paragraph 1, sentence 1, number 1 to 5 of the social security statute book III

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