About us

Our training team…

… is made up of qualified and highly-motivated tutors with many years’ experience in the field of adult education. This enables us to plan out and design the course so as to address your needs flexibly on the one hand, and on the other hand work towards the agreed learning objectives systematically and with determination.

An individual learning programme tailored to your needs

In accordance with the learning objectives laid down by your company – our client – and the assessment derived from the individual oral evaluations, we put together an individual time and materials plan for each group. Authentic material from your immediate work environment can easily be integrated into this training programme, thereby ensuring that the training is properly connected to your everyday business life.

Training in small, homogeneous groups

Learning groups with a maximum of 10 course participants allow us to engage with each participant and his or her individual needs, within the framework of the course. We achieve this by holding preliminary conversations with each participant for assessment purposes, in the course of which we evaluate their current knowledge and needs in the relevant language. Please let us know about special themes (e.g. technical English) or specific requirements related to your line of work (e.g. how to conduct presentations in the relevant language) and we will make sure these are integrated into the training and teaching materials.

Teamwork – the best route to success

Our interpreters and translators work together closely as a team. And to make sure you always receive work of the highest possible quality, each piece of work is rigorously checked by a colleague before it leaves our office.